Welcome to the YCPARMIA Safety page. Here you will find our monthly Safety Journals in .PDF format, as well as our Model Policy Program. These Model Safety Policies are in Word format, and can be modified to suit your needs.

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2016 Safety Journals

June Cancer From The Sun Awareness Month
May Heat Illness Prevention and Pocket Guide, and Safety Trainings
April Stay Air Aware, Surface Water From Sacramento River, and Spring Cleaning
March Spring Forward, Recycle Free at Landfill, National Poison Prevention Awareness Month, Earthquakes: Living on Shaky Ground
February Completely Anonymous Suggestion Box, MSDs, and Zika Virus
January All About Safety Videos



2015 Safety Journals

December Cold Stress, Ergonomic Heated Footrest, Hoverboard Safety
November Safe Thanksgiving, Don't Light Tonight, Ladder Safety
October Daylight Savings Time, and Halloween Safety Tips
September Driver Fatalities On The Rise, and Pertussis Precaution
August Anonymous Safety Notifications, Anger May Cause Stroke, and Health Threats from Wildfire Smoke
July Standing To Stay Healthy, Be Good To Your Back, Heat Illness, and S.A.F.E.
June Fun in the Sun, Asleep at the wheel, Safety is No Accident Quiz
May Salt and You, Sleep On It, and Neat, Clean, and Safe
March Daylight Savings Time, General Safety Measures, and Poison Prevention Awareness Month
February Burn Ward, Short Days and Long Months, Beware of Burn Hazards, and Safety Suggestion Box
January Protect Your Eyes, Report Repeat Accidents, and Repeat Resolutions



2014 Safety Journals

December Wash away illness, It's no accident, and Always on the job
November Communicate Safety, Thanksgiving Day Tips, and Ebola in California
October Dangers of Texting and Walking, and The Three Feet for Safety Act Hits California
September Emergency!Are you prepared?, Be Fire Smart, Be Safe On The Road, Night Moves On The Road, and YCPARMIA's Safety Suggestion Box
August Wake Up and Be Safe, Five Ways To Help Improve Safety, Can you hear me now?, People Who Never Get Sick, and Are you ready?
July MSD's and You, Off-The-Job Safety, and Emergency Care
June Handy Guide to Hand Protection, Housekeeping, and Reading Labels
May Love your Heart, Heat Illness, Confined Spaces, and Back Health
April Chemical Exposure, Safety Responsibility, and Smart Science
March Slips & Falls, Fighting Fires, Defensive Driving and Hearing Safety
February Foot Safety, Safety History, Training, and Machine Safety
January Avoiding Neck Pain, Inspect Yourself, Housekeeping Responsibility.



2013 Safety Journals

December Job Hazard Analysis, Happy Holidays, Accident Investigations, Preventing Colds
November CalOSHA Global Harmonization System, Lockout-Tagout for Everyone, Smoking
September Preparing for Disaster, Sign Safety, and Security
August Skin Cancer Identification, Common Electricity Myths, and Safe & Happy workplaces
June Teaching New Co-Workers, Heat Safety, Slips,Trips, and Falls
May Wellness, Salt, Cutting out Cuts
April Preventing Workplace Violence, Getting a Good Night's Sleep, and Electrical Hazards
March Burns, Nutrition, & Stress
February AED's, Texting and Driving
January Practical Resolutions, Road Rage, Safe Driving Habits.


2012 Safety Journals

December Winter Driving, Handwashing, Holiday Health
November Space Heater 101, Driving In The Rain, Air Pollution
October Happy Feet, Preventing Home Burglaries, Fire Hazards, Vehicle Inspection Checklist
September Emergency Action, Evacuations & Disasters, Back Health Checklist
August Wildfire Smoke, Proper Handwashing, Summer Skin Health, Sunglasses and Eye Health
July e-Awareness, Dead Vehicle Batteries, Workers' Bill of Rights
June Tuberculosis At Work, Fireworks Safety, Proper Lifting, American Red Cross App
May Heat Illness Signs to be Aware Of, Are You Bringing Chemical Hazards Home?
April Effective Housekeeping Plans, and How to Respond to Violence
March Good Food On the Go, Cleaning with Chemicals, Poisons, Fire Extinguishers.
February Personal Safety Issue: On the street, on the road, at work, and at home.
January Emergency Preparedness, Cubicle Etiquette, Winter Wellness, Defensive Driving.


2011 Safety Journals

December Preventing Holiday Stress, Fires at Home, Avoiding Shock, Safe Toys & Gifts
November Adjusting Your Workstation, Housekeeping Habits Worth Learning, Food Safety
October Workplace Fires, Accident Prevention, Distracted Driving
September Back Safety, Good Housekeeping, Chemical Quiz
August Office Electrical Safety, Ladder Safety
July Anger & Strokes, Fall Prevention, Protect Your Back
June Coping with Heat, Fire Extinguishers
May Injury Prevention, Drowsy & Drunk Driving, Accident Prevention Quiz
January Cold Weather Safety, Holiday & Electrical Safety, Healthy Weight Formulas


2010 Safety Journals

January Resolutions for the New Year, Repeat accidents, Eye Safety, & Winter Health
February Hazard Awareness, Skin Health, & Prevent Neck Spasms
March Beat the seasonal blues, Heart healthy, & Burn Safety
April Stress management, Cell phone distractions, & Foot Safety
May Emergency!, Exercise reminders and tips, and Proper Posture Prevents Pain
July Heat Illness Prevention, Heat Acclimation, and new Shade & Water Standards
August Sunburns and Machine Guards
October Fire Prevention, Halloween Safety: Walking at Night, and Brushing Your Teeth as a Key to Overall Health


2009 Safety Journals

February Hazard Awareness, Skin Health, & Prevent Neck Spasms
March Hidden Hazards, Safety Sense Quiz, & Balanced Nutrition
April Chemical Exposure, When-Why-How to Safety Train, Heat Safety
May Breathing, Traffic Safety, Preventing Amputations, and Eye Safety
June Defensive Driving, Down the Drain, Fires: Fight or Run
July Workplace Violence, Jump-Starts the Right Way, Warning IQ Test
August Ergonomics, Taking Care of Your Back, and Night Driving Tips.
September People Who Never Get Sick, Ways to Stay Alert When Drowsy, and 5 Ways You Can Make A Difference
October Fire Extinguishers, Risk, and Vehicle Safety.
November Hand Safety, Snow Hazards, Communication, & Radiation
December Home Fires, Emotional Health for Holidays, Your rights and OSHA, Heart Happy Recipes


2008 Safety Journals

January Defensive Driving, Health & Wellness, Safety Resolutions
February Safety Sense, Carbon Monoxide, Hazardous Materials
March Houskeeping, Poisons, Spring Cleaning, Nutrition, Travel Safety
April Tools, Eye Safety, Injury Prevention, Electrical Safety
May Health & Wellness, Sleep, Skin, Emergency Medical Response
June Falls, New Employees & New Equipment, Eyes, Sun Safety, Heat
July Summertime Safety, Safe Driving, Hands, Accident Prevention, Chemicals
August Ergonomics, Back & Hand Injuries, Back-to-School Safety
September Emergency Preparedness, Signs, Security, Feet, & Safety Quizes
October Fire Safety, Eye Safety, Chemicals, Alcohol
November Lifting, Housekeeping, Material Handling, Lockout/Tagout, Chemicals

2007 Safety Journals

January Back Safety, Sleep, Healthy Weight,Colds & Flu, Safety Awareness
February Safety Inspections, Signs, Electrical Hazards, & Preventing Accidents
March Emergency Response Quiz, Eyes, Hands, Household Poisons, & Forklifts
April Security Quiz, Yard Work, Workplace Violence, & Accident Causes
May Attitudes, Crime, Electricity, & a Safety Sense Quiz
June Chemicals, Electricity, Back Pain, Cancer, Machinery
July Cal-OSHA Inspections, Back Safety, Emergency Planning, New Videos
August Accident Prevention, Chemical Burns, Power Tools, Driving, Sun Safety
September Disaster Preparedness, Back Care, Housekeeping, Workplace Violence
October Fire Prevention, Chemicals, Vehicle Inspection, PPE
November Influenza: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Flu
December Job Hazard Analysis, Solvents, Eye Safety, Accidents

Special Reports

Bees First Aid for Bee Stings
Disaster Family Disaster Supply Kit
Electric Office Electrical Safety
Food Food & Water in an Emergency
Heat The Heat Illness Prevention Regulation
Lightning Are You Ready for a Thunderstorm?
Molds Molds in Indoor Workplaces
Oak Poison Oak
Report Report Serious Injuries to Cal-OSHA Immediately
Snakes First Aid for Snake Bites
Spiders First Aid for Spider Bites
Ticks Ticks & Lyme Disease
Water Emergency Food & Water Supplies
West Nile West Nile Virus

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